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Essential staff for help desk support:
  • Citizens help desk project coordinator/Manager
  • Community Volunteers
  • Project Coordinator/ Manager: Is a BE (E&C), PGDBM Qualified and experienced (In same kind of work) for the management of the help desk support.
  • Community Volunteers: We have recuited a four well-qualified graduates with computer skills to carry out help desk functions.
  • Team Composition and task assignments
Senior Help line desk

Senior Help line desk

Maintain 24*7 Help desk environment covering AMC and Facility Management Services.

This is helpful providing the full service to the citizens round the clock, without delay in the process for the treatment.

Addressing the frequently asked Question 9 FAQ’s) for the usual common Queris reported by the citizens.

After specific feedback from the citizens, helpdesk will ensure that feedback will be documented and will be used for answering the common queries using the process of frequently asked questions(FAQ’s).

Create log complaints daily, and create files on ongoing or major conflicts and complaints based on the frequency of the complaints.

The complaints lodged by the citizen will be recorded and will be used for taking appropriate action. Proactive measure is taken by the helpdesk to deal with the issues. The helpdesk will be trained to be proactive rather than reactive to address the complaints lodged by the citizen.

Creating a sample complaints letters that can be used as templates for citizens, depending upon the nature of the problem.

The template of the complaint letter will be issued to the citizens for both feedback and also for any issues pertaining to lack of services from the Hospital.

Maintaining a hospital campus map with
floor layout map

The citizens may be not aware of the treatment room’s directions and layout.
NES helpdesk will ensure to update the floor layout map and direction of the hospital campus.

Maintaining / Managing shift roster weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Since the Hospital works round the clock (24/7) there is a need for helpdesk to work in coordination with hospital for guiding the citizens for treatment or for diagnosing. So the shift roster needs to be maintained and managed effectively.