Welcome to Joshi Charitable Trust
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Joshi Charitable Trust was Established Year 2003 for taking up various social health related activities.

Team of doctors started own hospital in the Year 1992 at #57 & 58 near Sirisi circle, Chamrajpet, Bangalore-560018. People In the surrounding area who is consisting mainly downtrodden and living in the slums supported and encouraged our services that made us to start charitable trust, so that our vision and mission could be achieved by serving this needy and vulnerable group.

Accordingly in theyear 2003 we started charitable trust to serve poor needy people by conducting Health check-up camps in many slum areas surrounding and in remote villages in many districts of the state. So for total 85 medical camps have been conducted.

Chronic disease like diabetes, hypertension, bio-hazards epidemicdisease and cataract case were detected. The cataract patients were referred to Minto Ophthalmic Hospital for surgery.


Our organisation is health care organisation dedicated to bringing the highest quality of medical care to the communities we serve. We are personally responsible to continuously seek improved patient service.

We provide a professional and helpful work environment and encourage all members of our organization to achieve their highest professional and personal goals.



A responsive, sustainable public health system that, through cooperative efforts, planning and policy development, a broad focus on health promotion and disease prevention

positioned to respond to current and future public health challenges, and protects and promotes the health and well-being of all communities, residents and visitors, particularly the most disadvantaged.

Our Major Objectives:

  • To provide quality health care with human touch for service users especiallypeople living in remote areas.
  • To reduce the death rate of pregnant women& infants (MMR & IMR)
  • To detect& cure diseases at the initial stage only.
  • To Create health awareness through seminars and workshops, camps, meeting and distribution of pamphlets etc.,
  • To educate & solve the problems of communicable & non- communicable disease.
  • To educate the mother about the care of infants, Breast feeding & immunization.
  • Our main focus on urban and rural slum areas to improve the standard of Health.
  • To give care for old aged persons suffering from arthritis, cataract, diabetes, hypertension & mental retardation etc.,
  • To educate on nutrition & diet for the vulnerable groups
Mission Image



Work done by the trust on the project:-

  • 1. Awareness is given on health and nutrition.
  • 2. We have educated people regarding communicable and non communicable diseases.
  • 3. We have spread the importance of immunization and breast feeding given to children through mothers.
  • 4. They are educated and given Maternity care and immunization for pregnant women.
  • 5. Alcoholics are counselled and made aware of the effects of alcoholism.
  • 6. Physically challenged and old aged people are examined and are treated by the doctor at their door step.
  • 7. Since in our area most of the patients are anaemic we will advice for IFA tablets and nutrition's.
  • 8. In our area we are able to treat 12 high risk pregnancy patients.
  • 9. During the examination of patients, we have diagnosed a patient having more than five skin patches and identified as MB case (Leprosy) patient is on MDT at NLCU Ramanagara Dist.
  • 10. We have diagnosed two TB patients, they are treated by RNTCP drugs as suggested by the doctor.
  • 11. A 45 years aged women comes with history of distension of abdomen we have examined and suspected malignancy and refer to Kidwai institute ofoncology , there they have diagnosed it as carcinoma cervix.
  • 12. Mean while we have identified a baby having congenital heart disease and referred to JayadevaInstitute of cardiology , Bangalore for further assessment.
  • 13. During our regular OPDs most of the time alcoholics usually enter the OPD and create nuisance to the patients, staff etc.., for that we have counselled and referred them to Deaddictioncentres.